I’ll Be Sippin’ My Tea This Valentine’s Day


(please excuse the bold letters that attacked you all^^^)

So how DO I feel about Valentine’s day?? I’ll tell you this, I’m NOT a love hater, though I’ve been pretty bitter in previous Valentine’s days (due to no boyfriend), LOL, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because society showed me that if I don’t have a boyfriend then I won’t be able to celebrate this day of love. I mean, how will I celebrate, in bed watching Netflix all alone with a box of Popeyes’ Fried Chicken? Well, that’s never a bad idea…

So, WHAT’S THE TEA with this whole Valentine’s thing??

I just want to be LOVED by a beautiful guy who has dreams and goals! Also who is respectful, funny, charming, and MUST have some EDGE! Oh, and who also wouldn’t mind bending his diet to squeeze in some Chinese food… So where is he?!

I know, I know, “he’s going to come when you least expect it Gerry”… (Which, BTW, I’m totally not expecting one now)


(is he here yet??)

Oh, okay… Great…

So I’ll just have to wait I guess..

But I had an epiphany, while sippin’ on my Tea of course, that this year on Valentine’s day, although I do not have a boyfriend, that it’s time to make a change in the way I think of Valentine’s day.


So I’m going to dedicate this day and tomorrow sharing it with friends and family who are dear to my heart.

Sip, Sip, Sip the Love, Love, Love and SHARE it with those around YOU!


So much love to you ALL!!


Gerry Winfrey


Somewhere in NYC I was “Cut”

I was excited and nervous while I waited to audition for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago’s Summer Intensive in NYC this past weekend. I traveled from Philadelphia to Manhattan on a cold Saturday afternoon with friends who were also auditioning.

Fast forwarding to when in the studio warming up, I saw many old friends that I met in other states and have not seen in years. I thought of time and space, how these beings who I moved space with in other states was right next to me… Also auditioning for the same thing.. I was astounded by the full circle of life!!

Then, after the first section of the audition, I got cut… Yes, cut as in, “Thank you for auditioning for us but we are releasing you all today” kind of cut…

I felt many emotions going through me in that moment, I wanted to cry from not making it to the next round, but I seriously COULDN’T cry! In that moment I was overwhelmed with such gratitude, such hope, such courage, and such motivation that all I could think about was the WORK that is ahead of me and how excited I am for my journey of dance to continue despite that one moment of getting cut.

I left the audition and decided to go on a journey. Some moments were captured through my phone.

I wonder if I can re-live that moment when the Capturing took place?

I wonder what moments were Cut from my memory?


Gerry Winfrey

P.S. Images were taken by me.





Who is Gerry Winfrey?

Gerry Winfrey, a gathering of ideas, dreams, aspirations, and silliness that a native New Yorker has while holding deep admiration for Oprah Winfrey, and of course trying to relate her with who he is. The owner of this blog really loves Oprah Winfrey…

I was born Gerard Antonio Minaya in the boogie down Bronx, NY where I inherited many cultures in my surroundings. A melting pot of Afro-Caribbean people who love family, dancing, and all things sassy… I mean tasty… That is, food of course!

Food is LITERALLY one of the things I love most. It’s definitely what keeps me up at night, of course besides watching Netflix while clearing needing to sleep.. I’m not the only one who does this… You do too, I hope. Cool, Awesome.

Well, this is my first post on this new blog thing I’m starting up… Which I’m VERY excited about! I’m just a young college student in Philadelphia wanting to share experiences of this wonderful world we live in where education isn’t free nor accessible to everyone in equal opportunities… Did I just rant there? Yea, kinda… I just want to share my experiences and thoughts about life with the world because you might relate in some way with what I have to say. In some way, I’d like to spark a smile, laughter, or idea in you…

I love laughing with friends, dancing, singing in the shower and every where public, OH, and by the way, Doritos Cool Ranch is really the best flavor of chips along with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos of course…

So anyways, stick around because I have so much to say!

Here’s my story!

P.S. I just HAD to put a selfie for this post! Just showing the world my “homework” smize… It’s called, Giving Face


So much Love!
Gerry Winfrey